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The Story of Phuthuma Nathi
We created Phuthuma Nathi in 2006 to offer black South Africans the chance to own an indirect stake in MultiChoice South Africa, a leading video entertainment company in the country.
The initial public offer in 2006 and the second public offer in 2007 were both oversubscribed.



We are proud to have a truly broad-based empowerment share scheme with more than 80 000 black shareholders from all walks of life. Our shareholders include professionals, helpers, gardeners, teachers, nurses, stokvels and black owned small businesses.

Phuthuma Nathi owns 25% of MultiChoice South Africa and has created significant value for our shareholders. Since our scheme started in 2006, our shareholders have received dividends every year.

The total dividends paid to date is R13.4 billion.



The most important impact we've had, is the positive changes in the lives of our shareholders. They've used their Phuthuma Nathi dividends to pay for their children's tertiary education, to create a nest egg for their retirement, to renovate their homes or simply enjoy a well-earned holiday.

These stories are what Phuthuma Nathi was created for and why it continues to be a success.

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