Phuthuma Nathi | Unclaimed Dividends
09 May 2023

Why wait? Claim your Unclaimed Dividends

unclaimed dividends


  • A certified copy of your green bar-coded ID or the front and back of a smart
    ID card.


  • You can send us a picture of yourself holding your original ID book or the
    front of your smart ID close to your face.
  • Proof of physical address such as an electricity bill, lease agreement, or
    account statement that shows your initials, surname and residential address.
  • An official bank statement (not older than three months) showing the
    account number you hold or a signed and stamped letter confirming your
    banking details.
  • We also accept electronically stamped statements from your banking app
    or the ATM.


How do I claim these dividends if I qualify?
Shareholders can claim their dividends by:

  • Contacting the Phuthuma Nathi call centre: 086 011 6226.
    You will need an identity number of the shareholder.
  • Login to the EESE Trading Platform at and
    follow the steps below:
    1. Enter your login details if you remember them.
    2. Go to the "My Account" tab and select dividends.
    3. Click the "Cash" tab and select Singular dividends.
    4. The outstanding dividend due to you will reflect.
    5. If all details are correct and up to date the dividend will be automatically paid out to the shareholder within 3-5 working days.
    6. If the details are incorrect , go to the "My account" tab and select "My details" to do the necessary updates and send supporting documents to the call centre for processing.
    7. Once details are up to date and changes have been authorised, the unclaimed dividend will be automatically paid to the shareholder’s bank account on record.

For more detailed information about Dividends, please go to our Dividends FAQs page.

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