08 Aug 2019

Phuthuma Nathi Investments 2 (RF) Ltd Director change announcement copy

Change in directors of the Company

Shareholders are advised that Clarissa Mack has resigned as a director of the company with effect from 12 July 2019.

The board is pleased to announce that Yolisa Phahle has been appointed as an independent non-executive director of the Company, with effect from 12 July 2019.

Yolisa started her career as a classical pianists and violinist. In 1998 she started her TV career which included presenting, producing and sound and vision mixing for the BBC. She has held several senior roles within MultiChoice South Africa and is currently the chief executive officer of General Entertainment for the MultiChoice Group. In this role she drives the group’s content strategy that will deliver the best international content to the organisation’s 14 million subscriber homes, whilst increasing the focus on local story telling and industry development. She holds an MBA from GIBS Business School.


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